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Pressure Blast : Internal Blaster - PB-IT-1N



* Built-in reversed pulse-jet dust collector c/w high efficiency media recovery system and blast tank.
* Fully automatic blast process.
* Low operating cost and less media consumption.
* Motorized blast nozzle perform more accuracy blasted result to meet the finishing requirment.
* Long lasting tungsten carbide blasting nozzle.
* Easy operate designed.


Technical Data:

* Overall Dimension (mm): 1500(W) x 1650(D) x 2300(H)..
* Load Capacity: Max. Diameter 300 mm x 350mm Length
* Dust Collector Motor: 415V AC, Three Phase, 1.5 KW, 50 Hz.
* Lighting: 230V AC,120 Watt  Spot Light.
* Compressed Air Supply: Air Pressure - 7 bar. Air Consumption - 140 CFM.
* Electrical Supply: 415V AC, Three Phase, 50 Hz, 20 Amp With Neutral.
* Coating: 1 Layer Primer and 1 Layer Finishing - Beige Color.



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