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Blasting Medias

Aluminium Oxide    

Aluminium Oxide is Sharp angular abrasive, This product perform fast cutting an matt surface finishing. 

It is commonly used in surface preparation for coating, Remove of rust, Surface cleaning, Remove of paint, Glass Etching, Deburing, Descaling and etc.

Sizes available: ( In Micron )

1. 850 ~ 68 ( Mesh 20 ~  Mesh 220 )


Garnet is the first choice for open blast cleaning such as ship yard, Steel Structure , Projects Foam works. 

It perform long lasting, lowest cost compare to other abrasive and environmental friendly.

Size available: (  Mesh # )

1. 10 - 20        2. 20 - 40      

3. 40 - 60     

Plastic Media    

Plastic media is made form crushed rejected plastic component in accordance with standard requirement. It is most popular in used for plastic deflashing such as semi-con industries and electrical components manufacturer.

Also the media used for removing of paint, coating without damage the part.

Size available: ( In Mesh )

1. # 20/30          2. # 30/40

3. # 40/60          

Glass Bead    

Glass Beads are manufactured from high-grade glass. It is a popular abrasive in wet and dry blast cleaning applications.

Glass Bead perform smooth, bright and shining surface compare to other blasting abrasive. This is always recommended to the bright and smooth surface requirement needed.

The products commonly used in mould cleaning, Auto parts surface finishing and it is used also for shot peening like aircraft components to increase the fatigue strength.

Size available: ( In Micron )

1. 600 - 425          4. 150 - 90

2. 425 - 250          5. 90 - 45

3. 250 - 150          6. 53 - 38




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