Indexing Auto Turn Table

Indexing machine are consist of different part of stations, with one station for Item Loading / Unloading. An operator could load and unload, blasted or non-blasted object conveniently during the machine operation and also allow operators to do Quality Check.

Custom Blasting Room

Custom room are designed to handle large and heavy objects on a large turn table as a base of placement. The room space design are purely client dependent as well as functionality. Blasting room also includes multiple air filters, and equipped with bright floodlights

Auto Blasting Turn Table

Small form objects can be blasted with our Auto Blasting Machines, that includes multiple nozzles to cover multiple surface angle to ensure all surface parts are equally blasted in the blasting process


Conveyor Belt Chain Auto Blasting Machine

Some form of production goes through a series of multiple process and part of it are sandblasting. Our customized conveyor project are able to fit with our client required space and every needs to ensure a smooth blasting experience.


These are part of our sample projects, contact us to learn more about our legacy projects

Machine Manual for all of our products

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