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We build products with regulated maintenance that will fulfill your needs. We have Manual sand blasting machine comes with different models to handle object range from small sized to medium sized objects. We also offer Automation sand blasting machine that automates the entire process with PLC and can also be used even on conveyors belts for a non-stop production line. 

We are also one of biggest Malaysia sand product resellers, with wide variety to choose from our catalogues. We also sell sand blasting equipment, tools, parts, spare parts and etc.

Our Innovations

Sand Blasting Products!

Sands Media

Our warehouse are well stocked and ready to ship wide variety of sand media like Aluminum Oxide, Brown Aluminum Oxide, Garnet, Glass Beads, steel shot and Plastic Medias. All of our sands also comes in different sizes to choose from.


Auto / Manual Sand Blasting Machine

We have different model of both auto and manual sand blasting machine to choose from our catalogues. Auto devices are our most selected as it’s the most convenient and multi-function purpose, while manual machines are more affordable, it allows operator with free range angle to target from with ease. Both Auto and Manual boast equal practicality in the industrial field.

Sand Blasting Tools and Equipment

We provide basic tools and equipment like air compressor, blasting nozzle, industrial grade rubber gloves, additional machine parts, machine spare parts, electrical box products, industrial grade multi-layered hose and many more.

Custom Projects

Our sand blasting devices can be tailored to your own preference from A – Z to even tiniest details. We love to work alongside with our clients to both achieve the product custom functionality and product maximum efficiency. 

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