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About Us

24 Long Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Finest!

Singuan Blasting is one of Malaysia’s top leading Sand Blasting industry corporation. We served in many different form of industry providing the best sand blasting experience no matter how hard the challenge it may be, we will overcome and find the best innovative solution to tackle any Sand Blasting needs.

If we’ve piqued your interest please do not hesitate to contact us about any inquiries, we’re more than happy to provide any info about our work and products

Our Products

We are one of the leading industry in Malaysia and manufactures of the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Automatic & Manual Sand Blasting Machine

Finely designed machines to provide optimal industrial sand blasting experience

Sands, Blasting Tools & Products

Well stocked with wide variety of sand products, latest blasting tools and many machine parts ready to be shipped

Customized Sand Blasting Projects

Your very own tailored industrial sand blasting experience equipped with all your every needs

The only place where you’ll find the perfect answer to all your sand blasting needs.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

b-17, ww2 bomber, plane

We’ve provided our reliable services to MAS Airlines for many years and used in even the most delicate parts of plane engine manufacturing process

We provided Sapura GE the tools & services needed from small scale sand blasting machines to heavy metals with our customized sand blasting rooms

rims, tyres, amg

We have multiple automotive industry clients that needed our specialized tools to tackle some of the delicate car parts, with minimal accuracy error

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